BPF Training and Macro Coaching

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The ultimate training and nutritional guide to completely transform your body and reach your goals. 

The 12 week periodised training program is catered to all fitness levels, beginners through to advanced, ensuring you will be challenged throughout the program. Whether you want to loose body fat, gain muscle, increase strength, increase cardiovascular endurance or sport specific training this program will see you reach your full fitness potential. 

The 12 week personalised macro coaching program will see you transform your body composition through a tailored macro and calorie plan.  Within this program you will learn the fundamentals of counting your calories, understanding the importance of macronutrients and how they can be manipulated to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 



- 12 week personalised training program

12 week personalised macro & calorie coaching

- Includes Ben Putland Fitness App

- Online exercise video technique demonstrations 

- 24hr support, guidance and education you need to achieve your goals