Do you want to increase your strength and build overall muscle mass? If so, this is the program for you as BPF BULK is designed to increase muscle density (mass), muscle strength and increase body weight through a tailored nutritional plan and periodised programming.  


  • 8 week training guide

  • Personalised Programming

  • Includes Ben Putland Fitness App

  • Personalised meal plan

  • Online Video Technique demonstrations

  • 24hr support, guidance and education to achieve your goals 

Purchase the BPF BULK program for just $149.99


This program is set up in your BPF APP account and a PDF copy will also be sent via email. 

You will begin by completing a detailed questionnaire to ensure your program is personalised to your specific goals, abilities and most importantly so that you
enjoy it!


Throughout the 8 week program there will be fortnightly check-ins to discuss and evaluate your progress. Every check-in you can upload progress photos through your profile in the APP, this will provide me with a great indication of your progress through the program so far. 

Depending on any feedback you may have and how your body is adapting, your program and meal plan will be updated to make sure your getting the most out of the 8 weeks! 


Have a question? You will receive support through the BPF App, where you can send a message at any time and you will receive a response within 24 hours. 


A Personalised meal plan, uploaded in the BPF APP is made specifically for you, catered for all dietary requirements and preferences.

You can also plug in the MYFITNESSPAL APP to help keep yourself accountable through the program. 

This plan is tweaked fortnightly during your check-ins to help you reach your goals faster.